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Treat People the Way You Expect to Be Treated is Twaddle

Have you heard people saying – ‘I treat people the way I expect to be treated.’ I hear this all the time, and its baloney! If you want to have good rapport with other people, be they customers, colleagues, family … Continue reading

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I Don’t Even Like Cats

Okay, so I don’t dislike them. Well, maybe I do like them. But I couldn’t eat a whole one! How can you resist a little kitten who is all soft and cute, who looks at you with big bright eyes, … Continue reading

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It’s All In the Packaging

The multi-million pound cosmetics industry is acutely aware of the value of packaging. You’ll know this if you’ve ever bought anything from those glamorous ladies whose counters are always just inside the front door of Department stores. However, from time … Continue reading

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Who Motivates Motivation Doc?

I’m often asked; how do I stay motivated or who motivates me? And the answer is – ‘No one!’ Well, that’s not exactly true. I do have some great friends who, although not always intentionally, motivate me to do more … Continue reading

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How to Build a New Comfort Zone – before it’s too late

Tell me; did you make any New Years’ resolutions for 2013? Well, we’re nearly at the end of the 2013 and I wonder what they were. Were you going to get fitter, lose weight, work harder, or work less hard, … Continue reading

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How to Get Other People to Think

We are emotional As you are no doubt aware, human beings are driven primarily by their emotions; their map of the world and how they think things should be. This all comes from their values, and beliefs based on their … Continue reading

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How to be Interesting

I recently spent a week suffering from a lousy cold; all the coughing, snuffling and sneezing symptoms which send other people running for cover. I also found myself apologising to people I’d come into contact with. ‘You must excuse me, … Continue reading

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Public Speaking Tip

If you’re ever asked to speak anywhere, and there is someone who’ll introduce you, make sure you write your own introduction. Don’t leave it until the day and have a word in the chairman’s ear. He or she will inevitably … Continue reading

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The Number 1 Secret of Success

Do you know what one of the key secrets of success is – what makes people successful in business, sport or any other aspect of their lives? Let me come back to that in a minute. My body is a … Continue reading

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How to Manage the Difficult Person in Your Life

Don’t let them get to you – Stay out of it emotionally and concentrate on listening non-defensively and actively. People may make disparaging and emotional remarks – don’t rise to the bait. Stay cool; think, don’t react.  Listen – Look … Continue reading

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