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18 signs you have high emotional intelligence if you aint got it then you wont get it. And that means more customers, more sales, more friends, and more happy staff.

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Here’s the Minimum Exercise You Need for Maximum Results

Life begins at 40! Well so they say; whoever “they” are. But I realised, not long after my 40th, that this magnificent body that I had had been given, could fall into disrepair. Now I wasn’t one for too much … Continue reading

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Here’s Your Health Excuse to Take a Nap

You read this while I take a nap!

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Please “Don’t” Go Away

Customer service is getting worse! In one of his latest blogs, Seth Godin highlights the poor customer service that we all put up with, and I really have to agree with him on this. One thing that really hacks me … Continue reading

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Bring on the Background Noise

Well I’ve heard it all now! And I really mean – I’ve heard it! I’ve just come across several websites (no I didn’t go looking for them) where you can listen to or download background noise. Yup; that’s right, but … Continue reading

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Here’s How Much Experts Think You Should Sleep Every Night

I have always been paranoid about lack of sleep. I was brought up to believe, by my mother, that if I didn’t get enough sleep I could probably die! Well I know that wont happen (well I don’t think it … Continue reading

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