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Please “Don’t” Go Away

Customer service is getting worse! In one of his latest blogs, Seth Godin highlights the poor customer service that we all put up with, and I really have to agree with him on this. One thing that really hacks me … Continue reading

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Bring on the Background Noise

Well I’ve heard it all now! And I really mean – I’ve heard it! I’ve just come across several websites (no I didn’t go looking for them) where you can listen to or download background noise. Yup; that’s right, but … Continue reading

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There Is No Try

Just imagine for a moment that the weather has been really good and you decide to have barbecue this weekend. You phone all your friends to invite them over, and one of them says, ‘We have a couple of things … Continue reading

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Hand Out Some Warm Glows

Do you remember how you felt after your last interaction with another person either on the phone or face to face? That person – it could have been a customer, a colleague, a friend or even a member of your … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name?

Did anyone ever get your name wrong? How did you feel? It may or not have bothered you; however it will bother many other people. A person’s name is very important to them; get it wrong at your peril. I … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Pet Peeves Decide Your Behaviour

When I’m running a Managing Difficult People seminar, I ask the participants to make a list of pet peeves that they have about other people. Some of the participants are reluctant to admit their pet peeves. They believe they shouldn’t … Continue reading

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How to Get Other People to Think

We are emotional As you are no doubt aware, human beings are driven primarily by their emotions; their map of the world and how they think things should be. This all comes from their values, and beliefs based on their … Continue reading

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