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I am an International Speaker, Business Development Expert , Successful Author, and voiceover actor. I deliver voiceovers, seminars and workshops on: Leadership, Motivation, Sales, Customer Service, and Managing Difficult People. You will find me in the UK, US, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines

Did Jose Get the Balance Right

Don’t know if you’re a soccer fan or not, but it was hard to miss the news that  Jose Mourinho lost his job as Chelsea Football Club manager last week. This was just seven months after he led them to … Continue reading

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How your attitude can make you live longer

I hate to hear older people, or even those not so old say – ‘I’m a silly old fool’ when they lose their keys or can’t find their glasses. You might be a fool, but what has “old” got to do … Continue reading

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How to Look Better, Feel Better, Think Better

When you wake up, think of all the benefits of being fitter both physically and mentally. Move from pain to pleasure. Continue reading

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How Coffee Can Help You Live Longer

People who drink less than five cups of coffee in a given day—have a lower risk of dying early from a number of different causes. Continue reading

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Champagne Could Improve Your Memory

One to three glasses of champagne each week could slow memory loss from ageing, recent research finds Continue reading

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Working Out Doesn’t Keep Your Brain Young: Study

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10 Steps to a Happier Life, Backed By Research

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5 Fascinating Facts About Breakfast

I would never go without it. The challenge is that your body gets used to receiving the food. By 12 noon, my stomach is empty and it wants to eat itself, making me uncomfortable. But some lunch soon sorts that … Continue reading

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The Intriguing Link Between Spicy Food and a Longer Life

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Here’s Why You May Be Aging Faster Than Your Friends

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