Bring on the Background Noise

Well I’ve heard it all now! And I really mean – I’ve heard it!

I’ve just come across several websites (no I didn’t go looking for them) where you can coffitivityLogoHorizontallisten to or download background noise.

Yup; that’s right, but perhaps you already know that and it’s me who’s out of touch. And perhaps the reason I’m out of touch is that there is no way in a zillion years that I’m going looking for more background noise – I hate it!

Okay, so some relaxing background music in a restaurant or a bar can be very soothing and creates a pleasant ambience.

But too many places; bars in particular, are more interested in killing all conversation – dead!

I spent two years in the Philippines and the noise nearly drove me crazy. Traffic noise in particular is exacerbated by Jeepneys, motor tricycles and trucks with blown exhaust systems.

Every shopping mall had at least one store where they had massive speakers at the door blasting out music. Of course, the reason for that would be to attract more customers. Well it sent this particular customer running in the opposite direction.

I did see one property developer in the Philippines selling houses with the strapline – ‘The only noise you will hear from your neighbours is birdsong.’ So maybe there are Filipinos who want a quiet life, just like me.

But if you need some background noise to sooth your nerves, and help you concentrate (I will never understand) then you can choose from,, or

Isn’t it great that we’re all different?

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