Who Wants to Live to be 100?

Well, I’ll tell you right now – I do!100 years BBC

There are loads of things I still want to see and do, and that will never change as I get older.

There is so much talk these days about the ageing population and most of it is negative. People will tell you how they don’t want to be old because that brings illness, or some debilitating disease. They will tell you how they don’t want to lose control of their bodily functions or be a burden to other people.

Well forget all that crap! Have a look around you at the older people who are having a great life.

BBC Breakfast are running a ‪#‎livinglonger series on their morning programme this week. They are giving examples and interviewing people who are still working and enjoying life in their 80’s and 90’s.

Okay, so it’s just your luck or in your genes if you are going to have a healthy old age. But it improves your chances of if you look after what you’ve got. It’s the usual diet and exercise bit, but this bit of video may give you some more pointers. You’ll find it on my Facebook Page

Someone once posed the question – ‘Who wants to live to be 95?’ And the answer came back – ‘Someone who is 94!’


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    Bit worried you are sending out on too many consecutive days. Can you not combine/condense to once a week ? Just a thought as I get so many offers temptation can be to delete without reading. Maybe they are tweets or the formats depends on the recipient. 👏

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