Time and Alan Wait for No One

Are you a – ‘I’ll be there at 8am’ or a ‘I’ll be there around 8am,’ type of person?Bureau

Okay, so I’ve always had a thing about time. If you want me to meet you at 8am, I’ll be there at 7.50am at the latest. It’s just one of my built-in programs and it’s hard to change – I’ve tried, I’ve tried, believe me!

How could they be late for me?

I run seminars and workshops throughout the world and I’m getting a bit hacked off with people in certain countries who show up late for meetings and learning events. They then say something like, ‘Oh, this is the land of Zog, we never show up on time.’

In one country the seminar started an hour late due to the technicians being late, and the participants wandering in at various times well after the start time.

They asked me to speak about how to do more business internationally.

Well, showing up on time would be a good start!

If you want the job….

I hear stories about being held up in traffic or other excuses. My answer to that one is, ‘If you were going for an interview for the most important job of your life? Would you show up on time – I bet you would!’

I am so strict

When I was a manager, woe betide any of my team who showed up late for a meeting with me. Of course there are times when your car breaks down or there is an unexpected traffic problem. However, you soon get to know the – ‘I’ll be there around 8am’ people.

And how come, around 8am is never before 8, always after?

Being late is disrespectful, and suggests you don’t care.

If you’re in business, then the impression you give is that the product or service you sell will be delivered late and your service will be poor.

If you’re a manager, then the impression you give to the employee is that you don’t care about them, and won’t do your best to help them.

If you own a shop, and the sign on the door says ‘We open at 8.00am’ make sure you are up and running, doors open at 7.55am, not 8.05 am.

And if you want me to buy you dinner then……

Oops – got to run!

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I am an International Speaker, Successful Author, Audiobook Narrator and voiceover actor. I deliver voiceovers, seminars and workshops on: Leadership, Motivation, Sales, Customer Service, and Managing Difficult People. You will find me in the UK, US, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines
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