I hope you’ve had your lunch

It must be true…

I read it in the tabloids

A hotel in Canada is calling on amputees and frostbite victims to supply the main ingredient for its signature drink – a cocktail made with a human toe. The Downtown hotel in Yukon has been serving the sourtoe cocktail since 1973. People pay $5 to drop the hotel’s leathery digit (above) into any drink. They’re not meant to swallow it – only to let their lips touch its wrinkled skin. But earlier this month, a stranger walked into the bar, ordered a sourtoe whisky, and downed the whole thing. He then slapped down $500 – the fine for swallowing – and walked out. The hotel is searching for a replacement, and has raised the fine to $2,500.

Nasa has appealed for volunteers who’d like to lie in bed for 24 hours a day for ten weeks. The guinea pigs – who’ll have access to TVs, books and computers – won’t even get out of bed to wash, as their beds will be fitted with modified showers. They’ll get paid $11,000 – but layabouts need not apply. The volunteers must be fit and healthy. “We’re not looking for couch potatoes,” warned a spokesman.

A Japanese man is facing criminal charges for stealing more than 200 bicycle seats. The 35-year-old was arrested in Yokohama after being caught on CCTV pinching three seats from an apartment complex. When police went to his flat, they found a huge stash of leather seats, all of which had belonged to women. “I like the smell and the texture of [leather seats],” Joji Kondo told police. “I lick and smell them.”

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