Am I a Champ or a Chump?

Do you like burgers? If so, then what I’m about to tell you may put you off them forever.

I was out for lunch the other day with the youngest member of my team. Isaiah is ten Isaiahyears old and he doesn’t talk much – when he’s sleeping! In the waking hours, it’s nonstop talk, and English isn’t even his first language.

He starts every sentence with ‘Alan…..’ And it’s usually a question such as: ‘Alan, what would you do if a zombie started to eat your head?’

Being a young man of fine tastes and no time to wait, lunch had to be fast food. (You can see what a gourmet he is in the picture)

It had to be Jollibee with their fantastically friendly staff who work hard to keep your mind off the food.

No sooner had I ordered Isaiah’s ‘Spaghe…’ than it was on the counter and in Angie’s computer.

My order was a bit more complicated. I asked for a “Champ” burger. I also asked for it “Solo”, because that’s what it said on the colorful display behind the counter. To my eyes the colorful display, showed fries and a drink.

But it turns out that “Solo” means no friends, no fries, and no drink – silly me!

Anyway, the Champ burger turned out to be a Chump burger. There was plenty of it I have to say, but the first bite disintegrated the bun and the whole thing collapsed into a gooey mess.

Now a gooey mess can often be quite tasty, and it was. But every bite sent more bits of Chump to the plate, over my hands, and up my arms. It ended up being a kind of Chump burger soup!

Do Jollibee actually taste test the food they serve up or does it just look good on the drawing board?

Would I order it again? Nope! Am I a Chump? Nope!

What I want to know is; is it just me or do other customers buy products or services like this and say ‘Never again?’ I bet they do! And sadly the manufacturer never takes the time to find out.

Let me know if anyone has taken you for a Champ or a Chump (How could they?)

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